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Suppressing an Email Address or Domain

You can bar an email address or a domain (like “”, for instance) from
having emails sent to it. This is known as suppressing the email address or domain.
This takes precedence over other settings; for instance, an email address may be an active member of a contact list, but it will never have emails or autoresponders sent to it if it is suppressed.

Note: You can suppress email addresses and domains by entering the information manually, or by uploading a file containing the information. Alternatively, use the  Contacts > Email suppression list screen to suppress single email addresses or

Take the following steps to suppress an email address or a domain:

  1. Click Contacts in the navigation bar, then click Suppress an email or domain.
  2. Select the contact list from which you want this address or domain to be barred in the I want to suppress contacts from list. To bar an address or domain from all contact lists, select Global suppression.
  3. Define the addresses or domains you want to suppress:

    Note: To suppress a domain, enter it in the following format: “@domain.tld”, where
    “domain” is the domain you want to suppress, and “.tld” is the top‐level domain
    (“.com”, for example).
    So, to suppress all email addresses belonging to (for example),
    enter “”.

      • To enter the email addresses or domains manually, select I want to type the email addresses/domains to suppress into a text box. Enter the addresses or domains in the field that displays.
      • To upload a list of email addresses or domains, select I want to upload a file that contains the email addresses/domains to suppress.

        Note: The file that you use should contain email addresses or domain names only, one address or domain name to a line.

        Enter the filepath of the file you want to use, or click Browse and locate the file.
  4. A screen displays with a report of the results. You can use this screen to add more email addresses or domains to the list.

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